Since 2007, PearTree Financial has played an important role in helping charitable donors in Canada increase and accelerate their giving by capitalizing on federal and provincial income tax policies intended to bolster the fundraising of registered Canadian charities and to stimulate activity in the natural resource sector of the Canadian economy.

Since its inception, PearTree’s structured financings have facilitated over $800 million in flow through share subscriptions for donation purposes; saving donors significantly in after-tax costs and infusing much needed capital into Canada’s resource and charitable sectors. Both charities and the resource sector have discovered an otherwise elusive source of capital to allow their operations to continue on their path to job-creating success. The net result of these activities has been of significant economic and social benefit to Canada.

While fully complying with amendments in the June 2011 Federal Budget, PearTree has successfully structured the flow through transaction to bring the after-tax cost of giving down to less than 15% of the donation amount in all provinces except in Alberta where it is less than 20%. Gifts by private companies are equally tax efficient.

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