Give Your Giving a Boost

If you are a major gift donor to any registered Canadian charity, PearTree Financial can help you substantially reduce your after-tax cost of giving, empowering you to further support the causes that matter to you most by increasing and/or accelerating your philanthropic activities.

Making use of a proven flow through share donation format, PearTree clients can expect the average after-tax cost of their charitable gifts of $100,000 or more to be less than 20%, and even below 10% in the province of Quebec. This significant savings opportunity holds true even after changes were introduced in the June 2011 Federal Budget to the tax rules surrounding flow through share donations.

How it Works

For the donor, participation in a flow through share donation financing arranged by PearTree is simple and hassle-free. A few minutes of step-by-step document signing is essentially all it takes. Once you enter into a non-binding registration of interest in a flow through financing transaction, PearTree sets to work on identifying and closing an appropriate transaction, ensuring all securities, legal, accounting and tax regulations are strictly adhered to and that your chosen charity receives their funds within days of closing.

We also offer use of a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) that guarantees your gifts are disbursed to the charities of your choosing. Using our DAF can help protect your anonymity as a donor, as well as simplifying the disbursement process over time and eliminating the administrative costs often associated with the operation of a private foundation.

PearTree’s sole business activity is assisting charities and donors. Our professional team will assist you in the process – from working with your financial and tax advisors on maximizing your giving power to interacting with your choice charity and fulfilling your gift intention.


Peartree Financial Services is proud to be an Imagine Canada Caring Company.
As such, we invest a minimum of 1% of pre-tax profit to strengthen Canadian communities and contribute to a vibrant, healthy society.


November 22, 2013 – Clarification for Donors & Advisors
The pdf document contains information for donors and their advisors.

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