Expanding the Universe of Resource Capital

With PearTree Financial’s flow through donation financing structure, issuers of flow through share offerings can be matched with a new source of capital and investors in those issuers can be matched with motivated sellers.

Flow through donation financing offers very competitive premiums to market prices, minimizing dilution to investors. A further advantage is that the flow through share issuer has the control to ensure its shares will be placed in the hands of trusted institutional investors and whose interests are aligned with the resource company’s strategic vision, while vesting the underlying equity in the hands of global institutional investors.

At a time when resource capital is harder than ever to access for junior resource exploration companies, PearTree’s flow through donation financing program is a highly beneficial tool to expand the universe of capital sources. In fact, flow through donation financing, alone, contributed more than one-quarter of the flow through risk capital raised across Canada in 2009. The net result has been increased investment in job-creating junior resource exploration ventures operating in many remote regions of the country, as well as strengthened charities providing much needed help and support to people all across Canada.

As the originator and leading provider of flow through donation financing services, PearTree has the experience and systems to guide a resource firm and their advisors through the arrangement and closing of a placement with the assurance of a proven and professional team.

Our systems and methods are the standard by which others are judged.

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