Helping Charities Achieve Greater Success

PearTree Financial provides a seamless, easy and efficient turnkey service for charities to enable faster pledge payments and increased major gifts from donors, without any increased fundraising costs. The PearTree team actively works with staff, volunteer leadership and major gift donors to accelerate and increase giving by substantially reducing the donor’s after-tax cost of giving.

This tax benefit is achieved through a series of transactions in which donors subscribe to a class of market equities – known as flow through shares – that are immediately donated and liquidated into cash for the charity. The share subscription, donation and sale are all co-ordinated by PearTree and completed over the course of a single day, allowing the charity to immediately receive the funds pledged by their donor. This highly efficient process frees up the charity’s fundraising staff to focus on core strategic efforts, rather than time-consuming, costly  and unproductive administrative matters.

Whether you represent a public charity, private foundation or community foundation, PearTree can integrate its flow through share donation service into your major gift fundraising strategy. We can help you achieve greater success in your fundraising efforts by dealing directly with your donors’ tax and financial advisors.

We welcome the opportunity to work with charities and foundations to advance their gifting programs. With smaller, more grass-root organizations, we encourage use of the PearTree Donor Advised Fund (DAF) as a powerful and cost-effective tool to cultivate and manage gifts from major donors.

In all cases, PearTree will work with the charity to ensure their governance requirements are fully satisfied in accepting and selling a gift of shares. Because our goal is to help our clients maximize the positive impact of their giving, we do all this without adding a single dollar to the charity’s fundraising, administrative or legal costs.


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